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Ok now that it is official I can let loose with the secret that I’ve been holding in for a little over a week. I’ve been talking with Lee from Desert Palm Press about doing a new collection of lesbian erotica to follow up Women Gone Wylde. I got my contract over the weekend and I’m officially part of the DPP family now. We are looking at a tentative release for the anthology in May 2015 and there is going to be a big contest to give people a chance to come up with the title for the book. The only stipulation is that the title ideas have to use the word Wylde somewhere in them. Stay tuned for more info about the contest. Below is the official post Lee sent out online to everyone about the expanding DPP family. A big congrats to Theresa Whittle for joining up with Desert Palm Press too.

Exciting things happening over at Desert Palm Press

Great things have been happening over at Desert Palm Press. Our family has expanded and we would like to welcome our two new authors,  Theresa Whittle and Beth Wylde.
Many of you are already fans of Beth. She is working on her next anthology of lesbian erotica. We will be having a contest soon for her readers to name the book. Of course it has to have Wylde in the title. We are planning on a May 2015 publication date. Check out her Desert Palm Press author page at:
Theresa Whittle is a Kiwi and has lived her life in New Zealand. Her debut novel, as yet untitled, is a lesbian romance novel spanning from the 1940’s through the present and is set in New Zealand.  Check out her Desert Palm Press author’s page and photos
More details to come. Happy Saturday everyone,

Yesterday was totally horrid but today turned out pretty nice. My kids got up on time and happy for school, we even got there a few minutes ahead of schedule. I spent the rest of the day packing up the last of my stuff and moving it to my mom’s and then cleaning out one of her sheds and setting up the yard for the huge weekend yard sale I’m having here. That’s one nice thing about not living so far out in the country. When you have yard sales at my mom’s people actually show up. I’m hoping the sale will be hellaciously busy for the next three days. This would be some nice extra income while I keep looking for a new job or either push the writing enough that i can make ends meet off of it. All in all I think I’ve smiled more today then i have in a while and that’s a good thing. ^_^ I’m not sure how much I’ll be smiling when i get up at 5 to hang up the yard sale signs but I’m going to bed in a pretty upbeat mood.



I knew some days during this ordeal would be easier then others, but today has really sucked. The PMS isn’t helping either. My emotions are so close to the surface and I don’t feel like putting on a happy or brave face for the world.  I’ve been strong for the kids but today I fell apart and crying always makes me angry. I don’t know why but it does. Crying makes me feel so weak and mushy and stupid so my reaction was what it always has been. I got mad. Mad at myself, mad at my ex, mad at the world. And you know what. The anger is what got me through the day. That pulsing, seething rage that told me to suck it up and get over it. To pull on my big girl britches, toss my head back and give all the people waiting for me to fail the middle finger. So that’s what I’m focusing on. I’m going to use the anger to push myself.  I’m going to work until I drop to be the best that I can be so that everyone waiting for me to fall on my ass can eat their harsh, nasty words and kiss my butt. It’s harsh and probably not the way I should be approaching things right now, but it’s what I’ve got to work with. I’m going off on a much needed weekend away next weekend to try and find a few days of peace and rest.



It’s Monday. A chilly, rainy, cloudy Monday where I really didn’t want to get up this morning. I hardly slept a wink last night, plagued by some very nasty nightmares that made very little sense and left me uneasy all day. I’m not a morning person on the best of days and today it was all I could do to drag myself and then the kids out of bed and get us all moving.

After the kids were at school I managed to get some more things packed from my previous home and here to my mom’s house, then I took on the beginning of my task for the week. No one will have to rock me to bed tonight.

I love my mom, I really do, but we are a little like oil and water. We don;t always mix. I’m headstrong, I can admit that, so sometimes my personality tends to frustrate others. I’m trying to be better but Rome wasn’t built in a day people. LOL

Anyway, my mom’s house is a bit of a mess. I’m not fussing, it’s just her so she can spread out as much as she wants but now we have to contain some of that clutter for 4 extra people to occupy the same amount of space. I told my mom that if we didn;t start cleaning things up when we did I fully expected to turn on the TV and see her starring in an episode of ‘Hoarders” LOL She didn;t think that was funny. I did.

Anyway, now that I am unemployed I have decided to take on mom’s clutter problem. She gave me permission to ‘have at it’ Today was a lesson in how to handle boxes when you aren’t sure what or who is in them. Mice love old boxes and dark places, fyi.

I’ve done all I can do on that for today but I swear, even after two full trailer loads full to the dump, I don;t feel like i made much progress. Oh well, bit by bit. I’ve found some pretty cool stuff for the big yardsale this weekend though.

On the writing front. I’m waiting for a contract to come before i can make an announcement so just keep an eye out here.

I did have a new release come out in ebook. The book came out as a compilation 2 years ago in print because i owned the print rights to all the individual stories but not the ebook rights. I recently got the last of the rights on the short stories back from the publishers and Women Gone Wylde is officially available in it’s entirety in ebook and print now. You can find it at:

This is a collection of all my favorite short lesbian erotic stories plus two novella length stories. I’m also working on a second compilation and I’ll have some cool contest news about that coming up soon.

The compilation is on sale through Excessica for only 4.99. Same price through Amazon but please do remember authors make better royalties when you purchase direct from the publisher. I understand the allure of doing it through Amazon on your Kindle though so no worries if you have to do it. ^_^

I’m working on a story right now for an upcoming sub call. I’ll post more about that tomorrow. Night everyone.



I seem to be getting in a post every other day. The in between days seem to be filled with some type of insurmountable drama lately. I’m hoping that will fade as we settle in more.

I’m quite sad today. Some days are harder than others, and it looks like today is going to be one of those where my emotions are all over the place. The PRN job I had ended today so I rejoin the world of the unemployed. On one hand it’s a chance for a completely fresh start. I’m living in a new place (that being my mom’s but we do what we have to do to survive right?) and a chance to start a new job (though I really plan to focus on my writing and see if I can make a living off it) On the other hand it’s another major change at a time when I’m not sure my mental stability can handle much more change. I’m a creature of habit. I like having a somewhat regular routine, not to mention a paycheck, so now i find myself forced out of my home, the place all my children have grown up, and into not only a new place to live but I’m forced to find a new way to make ends meet and to pay bills. Something I didn;t really want to add on top of my already full plate.

I’m pretty sure the migraine currently throbbing behind my eyes is due to stress. Maybe things will look better tomorrow after some sleep. Since I’ll have some extra time on my hands this week I’m going through things in hopes of putting together a HUGE yard sale.

I also have a book show coming up I need to get ready for in a few weeks. Maybe I can find some writing time in there somewhere too. Good night everyone,



I missed yesterday still nursing a sick child but today the train seems to slowly be easing back onto the track. I’m trying not to scream as I work with my two young children on how to do double digit multiplication. LOL Math was never an easy subject for me in school and I hated it with a passion so it’s hard for me to get upset when the kids are struggling and aren’t enjoying it either. I force myself to take a deep breath and explain how we use math every day of our lives and without a good understanding of numbers we couldn’t buy food, or balance our check books, or know if our paychecks are right… but sometimes after we’ve been going over and over and over it i just want to do it for them. I don’t but i really want to, plus i hate whining. It sets my teeth on edge. LOL

I did get some pretty amazing news today that i will be able to share with everyone next Monday. I can’t let the cat out of the bag until then but it couldn’t have come at a needier time in my life.

One good thing about all the turmoil is that it has kicked my poor unused muse into overdrive. I have ideas flying out of my brain, now I just have to set aside some time to write. The kids will be going off for a bit this weekend so i plan to use that time to good advantage. At night while they sleep I can’t type because we are all crammed into one room at my mom’s which means the beds are in the same room as my comp and desk so the light from the comp and the noise of typing would keep the kids awake. So I’m sleeping with my trusty notebook and a small pen light. It’s been interesting so far if nothing else.

It’s been almost two weeks since the move and things are settling in. It’s far from paradise but we’re safe and dry and fed so it could be much, much worse. We’re making the best of what we have but we still have each other and that’s what counts the most.



Sick kids can halt even the most industrious of plans for the day. That’s how my day started off around one AM. So I spent the day lazing around with all the kids, watching TV, dosing out meds as needed and just basically being vegetables. Tomorrow it’s back to school and hopefully back to work on my new story but for this evening I fixed a nice dinner, got everyone’s PJ’s laid out, and baths out of the way early. Now we’re going to settle in for some mindless TV, I’ve got a new book to read on my nook and then it’s off to bed early.



Be positive, be positive, be positive. That’s my new mantra. I’m trying, honestly I am, but some days are easier than others. Today doesn’t seem to be one of the easy days. I’ve been at my mom’s officially for one week now, and while the transition hasn’t been nearly as traumatic for everyone as I thought it might be, there have been some pretty significant hurdles to get over.

The lack of space is a big one, but we’re making due with what we have. There’s no other choice. Another is finding an outlet for my emotions as I deal with the roller coaster ride of ups and downs taking place after such a huge change. Normally I write away my anger but the lack of space means I can’t do much when the house is full to find ‘computer’ time. I’ve taken to using a notebook and pen to get out the worst of my frustrations as I lay in bed after everyone else has gone to sleep, and it has helped some. The story I started last night is rather dark though so it may just be one of those pieces the world never gets to see. Depends on how it ends up, which is always a total mystery to me. I’m a definite pantser so I never know how the story will end until I get there.

I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything this angsty and depressing before and the main character is definitely dealing with all the ugly emotions running through my head right now. Reading back on what i wrote last night was actually a little bit creepy. It really brought home to me how angry and depressed I am over all these sudden changes and how much it is affecting my day to day life.

On the bright side if it does turn out to have a happy ending it’s going to be one hell of a story. I’m trying to keep my happy face on for everyone so I guess I finally let my guard down when I started writing this new piece last night.

I’ve also fallen back into a major bad habit of mine that I need to break ASAP. I’m a stress eater. Some people stop eating when they are stressed and lose mass amounts of weight, I am the total opposite. The refrigerator or the junk food cabinet and all they contain are my best friends when I feel emotionally unstable. I fell into that last year and gained a significant amount of weight, which I recently managed to lose 25 pounds of, so i don;t want to go down that road again, but it’s so easy to do. I’m going to start walking or going to the gym again I think. Something to keep me occupied instead of stuffing my face. Halloween is coming and that’s my favorite holiday of the year. This year I am determined to fit into a costume and enjoy myself.

Ok, I have chores to be done before i can sit down to try and type out some of what I wrote last night. Some of these blog posts will be very short updates and others will be more long winded like this one. LOL Hang in there with me. I love comments so feel free and I’ll be back here tomorrow.

Try to stay sane everyone,



Forbidden Fruit – blog tour – Beth interviewing Jean Roberta

For my blog post this month I’m crossposting my interview with Jean Roberta, who is one of the authors with a story in the Forbidden Fruit anthology. You can find the whole blog tour listing here:
This interview is also crossposted on my own personal blog at:
Keep an eye out for a new feature at my blog too, hopefully starting this Sunday. I’m doing a ‘month in the life of’ feature. Small daily postings of what I’m working on and what’s going on in both my personal and professional life since I’m going through some major life events and changes. Feel free to visit and leave comments. Now for Jean’s interview.

Forbidden Fruit Questions

  1. Do you write only lesbian erotica? If not, what else do you write?

About half the stories I write are lesbian erotica, and this is the kind of writing that comes closest to my lived experience.

The rest of my erotic stories are heterosexual or bisexual. And a few are male/male. Some of my stories are not sexually explicit. For example, one of my recently-published stories, “A Bridge to the Other Side,” is told by a teenage girl in 1965; she has psychic ability and is able to channel a ghost from the American Civil War. She also has a hopeless crush on her history teacher, a very closeted gay man whose lover was killed in the U.S. war in Vietnam. This story was published in Issue 6 of Glitterwolf, a LGBT magazine from England.

I write regular posts for two blogs: the Erotic Readers and Writers Association ( and the ten-writer blog “Oh Get a Grip” (

I’ve taught first-year English classes in a Canadian university for the past 25 years, and some of my writing is scholarly non-fiction. In 2001, I gave a brief talk on the history of erotica and censorship, and my notes for this evolved into a talk on censorship that was televised when I was a guest speaker in a bookstore. I also have an article in an anthology on teaching vampire literature, and I co-edited a book based on a local queer faculty presentation series.

From 2008-2010, I had a monthly column on the website of the Erotic Readers and Writers Association on the politics of sex. I called it “Sex Is All Metaphors.” Eventually, my column was cut, but by then, I had written 25 pieces. These are now available as an ebook, Sex Is All Metaphors ( and the proceeds raise funds for an anti-censorship organization.

I’m tech-challenged, but luckily, a young man I know designed my website as a favour, and it lists most of my publications. It’s here:

  1. What is your favorite genre and pairing to write and why?

Lesbian (or f/f) erotica never loses its charm for me! In my experience, gender roles are less rigid in a queer context than in the heterosexual mainstream, and sex between women—even when it doesn’t involve a long-term commitment—shows that women don’t absolutely need men for anything. (I have nothing against female/male sex based on mutual choice.)

  1. What is a typical writing day like for you?

Unfortunately, I can rarely afford to spend a whole day on freelance writing, much as I would like to! While I’m teaching, my writing can’t usually be a priority, but when a deadline is looming up, I sometimes put everything else aside to finish a story. Last week, I spent most of a day working on my first steampunk story to send in for a call-for-submissions. I was in my cozy office at the university, and was totally in the zone until my wife/spouse phoned at the end of her workday. (We’ve been legally married since October 2010.)

  1. Do you prefer to write short stories or longer works and why?

Good question! I’ve had over 100 erotic stories published in print anthologies, and I love the shortness of short stories. They can be written in a few days, they are less complex than novels, and they are usually accepted or rejected within six months (at most) of being submitted. For these reasons, I can’t foresee ever giving up writing short stories. However, longer works allow for characters and situations to be more fully developed. I’ve written several longer works that are no longer in print, plus my historical novella, The Flight of the Black Swan (Lethe Press), currently available in several formats and soon to be released as an audiobook.

I plan to retire from teaching within ten years. When I have more time for writing, I expect to focus more on longer works.

  1. Tell me about your story in Forbidden Fruit and give us an excerpt please.

The theme of “forbidden fruit” intrigues me because I suspect that most lesbians have had at least one “unwise” encounter. When I first “came out” in a fairly small community, I was intrigued by the variety of women I met in the local queer bar, including some who sported prison tattoos. I realized then that even when lesbians have little else in common, lust is the great leveler. My story, “Shelter,” is about two women who first met in elementary school, and even then, they came from different worlds. Here is the opening scene:


I didn’t intend to open my door for anyone at 1:00 a.m., but I couldn’t resist looking through the peep-hole to see who was there.

Cheekbones, long nose, full lips, short dark hair, direct gaze, evil grin. Unmistakably Renee Sharp.

I opened my apartment door before I could stop myself. “You can’t stay here,” I told her, stepping back to let her in.

She accepted my unspoken invitation. “It’s good to see you too, Anna baby. I thought about you while I was away.” A year in prison hadn’t deprived her of energy. What was sex like in the joint? I didn’t want to think about it, but I wanted to know.

The woman was leaner than I remembered, more compact. She could take me down. I knew I should call the police, but I couldn’t do it.

“You don’t have to call the cops, girlfriend. I’m not here to steal your stuff or hurt you in any way. Unless—“ She let her sentence hang in the air while she looked down from my eyes to the thin cotton nightshirt that barely covered my naked breasts. I could feel my nipples jiggling with my breathing, and I buttoned my cardigan from top to bottom. Renee snickered.

“You don’t really want the cops to know I’m here, Anna. No one has to know you ever met me. In the morning I’ll be gone like a wet dream.”

“Renee,” I started.

“Friends call me Razor.” She pulled five chocolate-brown Canadian hundred-dollar bills out of the frayed pocket of her denim jacket and laid them on my hall table.

Oh my god. I still wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted from me, but she obviously thought I was for sale.


The next stop on the Forbidden Fruit blog tour is Laila Blake who is interviewing Cheyenne Blue.

Leave a comment on any post in the Forbidden Fruit blog tour to be entered into a random draw to win one of these great prizes.  Prizes include a paperback copy of Girls Who Score, lesbian sports erotica edited by Ily Goyanes, Best Lesbian Romance 2011 edited by Radclyffe, an ebook of Ladylit’s first lesbian anthology Anything She Wants, and a bundle of three mini-anthologies from Ladylit: Sweat, A Christmas to Remember and Bossy.  All of these titles contain some stories written by the fabulous contributors to Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire. You must include an email address in  your comment to be entered into the draw.

Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire is available direct from the publisher, Ladylit ( or from Amazon, Smashwords, and other good retailers of ebooks.  Check out for all purchasing information.




A lot of times real life events tend to find their way into my stories. I like a little realism in my fiction, it makes the characters and situations seem more lifelike to me. My writing tends to flow better when I have a point of reference or something to relate the story to. My question for this month is this. When things are really bad at home, does your writing suffer or do you find solace at your computer and develop gorgeous stories to replace the real life horror you’re dealing with at the time? For me my mood relates directly to the type of stories that i write. If I’m happy, the characters are happy. If I’m angry there tends to be some horrid catastrophe that befalls someone in my book. So when a long term relationship goes belly up it makes it very hard for me to write any type of romantic or erotic scene. The thought of someone being all lovey dovey when my own personal walls are crumbling around me makes me almost nauseous. That’s a real problem when most of what your write is erotic romance. Does your mood and what is going on in your life mirror what happens in your character’s lives or do your stories do the opposite and allow you to live vicariously no matter what kind of downward spiral your personal life is taking?

Since I seem to be rather angry at the moment I’ve pushed back what i was working on and turned to a story for an upcoming creepy Halloween call. Maybe some murder and mayhem is just what the Dr. ordered right now. ^_^


I do have to mention a huge print book sale i am running right now. In light of a major life changing issue I need to clear some space and generate some quick cash so i am offering copies of all the print books i have on hand for only $10 each instead of the normal $15. You will have to cover shipping but I will gladly autograph whatever book(s) you purchase. For alist of books and more info just email me at and please pass this info on to anyone you think might be interested in some signed print copies from me. Thanks everyone!