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2 steps forward and three giant leaps back.

Sometimes when you feel like you are finally getting ahead of the game life comes along and smacks you upside the head with a big ol’ paw and sends you back a week.

I went to the flea market over the weekend. The yard sale two weeks ago did well but I still had a lot of stuff and where I moved to you are restricted to a maximum of two yard sales per year. (Crazy ain’t it. If you have more then 2 a year they want you to get a business license because they consider it a business)

So I went to the flea market to unload all the kids stuff left over and while I was packing up for the day a yellow jacket was on my shirt and when I put my arm down i crushed him up against me and he stung the hell out of me. I am severely allergic so I carry large amounts of Benedryl with me wherever I go. I ran to my van and popped one right away. 5 minutes later I took another because my lips, face, arm and neck were swelling. I went straight home, got violently ill and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up covered in a rash and swelling again so I took Benedryl through out the day and stayed in bed with compresses on my hugely swollen arm. By Monday I had this dark red bullseye looking mark from my wrist to my elbow, my arm was almost twice the regular size and it hurt like crazy so I broke down and went to see my doctor. I had developed cellulitis so he decided oral steroids might not work quick enough they should give me a shot plus put me on antibiotics and oral steroids for two weeks. I had the shot (in the hip and painful) but I felt find so I paid my bill and left. Made it to the car where the hot flash hit me. Then i got nauseous, lightheaded and weird feeling. I went back in, flagged down a nurse and promptly passed right out. I came back with no feeling in my face arms or legs, having jerky movements all over while two doctors and three nurses tried to figure out what the hell was going on. This lasted about 30 minutes until all the seizure like motions and muscle jerking totally stopped and i could feel things again. Needless to say the Dr told me I had a horrible reaction to the steroids, not to fill the steroid prescription and make sure i never let anyone give me steroids again. I spent yesterday in bed still feeling yucky but today my arm looks much better. I think I am finally over the lingering effects of the shot and I’m ready to get back to work on things. I’ll post that list of books for sale later on today. Sorry life derailed me.

I have a Christmas story due this weekend so I’m off to work on that first and then some laundry and house cleaning for my mom. Whew.




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