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The big announcement!!!

Ok now that it is official I can let loose with the secret that I’ve been holding in for a little over a week. I’ve been talking with Lee from Desert Palm Press about doing a new collection of lesbian erotica to follow up Women Gone Wylde. I got my contract over the weekend and I’m officially part of the DPP family now. We are looking at a tentative release for the anthology in May 2015 and there is going to be a big contest to give people a chance to come up with the title for the book. The only stipulation is that the title ideas have to use the word Wylde somewhere in them. Stay tuned for more info about the contest. Below is the official post Lee sent out online to everyone about the expanding DPP family. A big congrats to Theresa Whittle for joining up with Desert Palm Press too.

Exciting things happening over at Desert Palm Press

Great things have been happening over at Desert Palm Press. Our family has expanded and we would like to welcome our two new authors,  Theresa Whittle and Beth Wylde.
Many of you are already fans of Beth. She is working on her next anthology of lesbian erotica. We will be having a contest soon for her readers to name the book. Of course it has to have Wylde in the title. We are planning on a May 2015 publication date. Check out her Desert Palm Press author page at:
Theresa Whittle is a Kiwi and has lived her life in New Zealand. Her debut novel, as yet untitled, is a lesbian romance novel spanning from the 1940’s through the present and is set in New Zealand.  Check out her Desert Palm Press author’s page and photos
More details to come. Happy Saturday everyone,

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