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A pretty good day

Yesterday was totally horrid but today turned out pretty nice. My kids got up on time and happy for school, we even got there a few minutes ahead of schedule. I spent the rest of the day packing up the last of my stuff and moving it to my mom’s and then cleaning out one of her sheds and setting up the yard for the huge weekend yard sale I’m having here. That’s one nice thing about not living so far out in the country. When you have yard sales at my mom’s people actually show up. I’m hoping the sale will be hellaciously busy for the next three days. This would be some nice extra income while I keep looking for a new job or either push the writing enough that i can make ends meet off of it. All in all I think I’ve smiled more today then i have in a while and that’s a good thing. ^_^ I’m not sure how much I’ll be smiling when i get up at 5 to hang up the yard sale signs but I’m going to bed in a pretty upbeat mood.



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