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#3 on day 4

I missed yesterday still nursing a sick child but today the train seems to slowly be easing back onto the track. I’m trying not to scream as I work with my two young children on how to do double digit multiplication. LOL Math was never an easy subject for me in school and I hated it with a passion so it’s hard for me to get upset when the kids are struggling and aren’t enjoying it either. I force myself to take a deep breath and explain how we use math every day of our lives and without a good understanding of numbers we couldn’t buy food, or balance our check books, or know if our paychecks are right… but sometimes after we’ve been going over and over and over it i just want to do it for them. I don’t but i really want to, plus i hate whining. It sets my teeth on edge. LOL

I did get some pretty amazing news today that i will be able to share with everyone next Monday. I can’t let the cat out of the bag until then but it couldn’t have come at a needier time in my life.

One good thing about all the turmoil is that it has kicked my poor unused muse into overdrive. I have ideas flying out of my brain, now I just have to set aside some time to write. The kids will be going off for a bit this weekend so i plan to use that time to good advantage. At night while they sleep I can’t type because we are all crammed into one room at my mom’s which means the beds are in the same room as my comp and desk so the light from the comp and the noise of typing would keep the kids awake. So I’m sleeping with my trusty notebook and a small pen light. It’s been interesting so far if nothing else.

It’s been almost two weeks since the move and things are settling in. It’s far from paradise but we’re safe and dry and fed so it could be much, much worse. We’re making the best of what we have but we still have each other and that’s what counts the most.



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