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Relationship woes and inspiration

A lot of times real life events tend to find their way into my stories. I like a little realism in my fiction, it makes the characters and situations seem more lifelike to me. My writing tends to flow better when I have a point of reference or something to relate the story to. My question for this month is this. When things are really bad at home, does your writing suffer or do you find solace at your computer and develop gorgeous stories to replace the real life horror you’re dealing with at the time? For me my mood relates directly to the type of stories that i write. If I’m happy, the characters are happy. If I’m angry there tends to be some horrid catastrophe that befalls someone in my book. So when a long term relationship goes belly up it makes it very hard for me to write any type of romantic or erotic scene. The thought of someone being all lovey dovey when my own personal walls are crumbling around me makes me almost nauseous. That’s a real problem when most of what your write is erotic romance. Does your mood and what is going on in your life mirror what happens in your character’s lives or do your stories do the opposite and allow you to live vicariously no matter what kind of downward spiral your personal life is taking?

Since I seem to be rather angry at the moment I’ve pushed back what i was working on and turned to a story for an upcoming creepy Halloween call. Maybe some murder and mayhem is just what the Dr. ordered right now. ^_^


I do have to mention a huge print book sale i am running right now. In light of a major life changing issue I need to clear some space and generate some quick cash so i am offering copies of all the print books i have on hand for only $10 each instead of the normal $15. You will have to cover shipping but I will gladly autograph whatever book(s) you purchase. For alist of books and more info just email me at and please pass this info on to anyone you think might be interested in some signed print copies from me. Thanks everyone!


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