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April 2012 Author and Publisher Spotlight

I’m going back to posting a monthly author and publisher spotlight.

For the month of April 2012 the spotlight author is:
Helen Dunn

Helen Dunn is the author of the anthology Untamed Women of Yesteryear published by L-Book, which received honorable mention by the Golden Crown Literary Society, as well as being nominated for Favorite Lesbian Fiction Historical by the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards group for 2011.

Please visit her author page at

L-Book for more information about Untamed Women of Yesteryear.

In addition to Untamed Women of Yesteryear, Helen’s story The Haunting at Quantman’s Wharf was published by L-Book in their 2011 Holiday Edition and Helen has another anthology up-coming this year from L-Book, titled Dangerous Secrets, which contains two novellas, Weather’s Mill and Hartline, about small towns and the hypocrisy they can contain:
Please scroll down the page at the website.

Helen has also written and self-published several books and stories. Readers who are interested in historical, paranormal/supernatural, humor, horror, lesbian and gay fiction, are invited to visit the author’s blog – where you will see all of the book covers, blurbs and excerpts as well as URLs that will take you to where you may purchase the e-book – or if you prefer a print edition – many of the books are in print and can be obtained at createspace – and a URL is given for that as well at the blog site.

You may also see all of Helen Dunn’s books at her author’s page at Amazon:

Some of her books are available at Barnes & Noble as e-books only:

In addition to Helen having written several anthologies and novels, she once wrote a weekly newspaper column.

Her favorite fiction is lesbian historical probably because she grew up living on dirt roads in houses that had no running water, and an ice box rather than a refrigerator. As a very young child she recalls her mother cooking on a wood burning stove, while her father farmed with mules.

She currently lives with her long time partner on a farm in the Midwest.

Here is a list of all of her books currently available:

1-2-3 Okay Everybody Change! – a wacky, slightly raunchy LBGT comedy

Adventures in Hollywood – unique lesbian revenge tale and romance

Blood Love – romance and a vampire set at a school in Europe

Bootleg – bullets, booze & love during prohibition – set the mountains of Tennessee

Heart of the Southland – Civil War, plantation, African-American heroine, and the supernatural

Love and Damnation – romance on an isolated farm

Love in times gone by – an anthology containing 3 novellas: “Heart of the Southland,” “Love and Damnation”, and “The Fate of Four Hearts” – all three novellas are also available as separate e-stories.

Nightmare at the end of the Road – paranormal, macabre humor-horror

Nightwood – horror and lesbian romance

Nothing Keeps – historical mystery thriller with Chinese cross-dressing heroine

Plastic Hollywood – a LGBT comedy about Hollywood and plastic surgery

Some Lesbians and Vampires & Oh Yeah, a Worried Werewolf – a comedy spoof

The Fate of Four Hearts – lesbian western romance

The House on Bloodstone Road – romance combined with horror and dark humor.

Untamed Women of Yesteryear – an anthology of three novellas published by L-books. The three novellas are:
“Trucker” – erotic romance
“The House of Soleil LeVant” – dark mystery
“Wild Guns” – a western parody featuring a band of female outlaws who decide to do the proverbial ‘one last heist.’

The publisher spotlight for the month of April 2012 is on:
Secret Cravings Publishing

Secret Cravings Publishing was established and opened its doors in January 2011 by the owner, Sandy Sullivan. Being an author herself, she wanted to open an author friendly house and something that would give the authors more control and input into their work as a whole. Published in her own right by several epublishing houses, Sandy knows the ins and outs of publishing from the authors perspective as well as the business end. 
Secret Cravings is open to submissions in all genres of romance as well as mystery, general fiction and self-help. They currently have open submission calls for a couple specialty lines such as their Special Love line which is based around a hero or heroine with a disability. A new story line they’ve opened is called Ropin’ Love on the Silver Spur and it’s based around a family who owns a dude ranch. All stories need to be 50k or more and have one pivotal scene involving one of the family. They also have a special open call for westerns and bdsm genres of 5k to 120k+. They pay the standard royalty rates quarterly.
Secret Cravings will be at several conferences this year taking pitches as well so look out for them at your nearest conference.
They also have the distint honor of winning several awards through LRC this year including honorable mention for Publisher of the Year and several others. They were also just informed they have been awarded Publisher of the Year of the NYC RWA chapter and will be attending their awards dinner in September.
You can find the important links for Secret Cravings Publishing at:
Helen will be hosting a chat on my yahoo group as part of her spotlight on April 4th from 5-8 PM eastern time so stop by and take part.
Secret Cravings will also be hosting a chat date in April.
To get in on the contests and the fun join my yahoo group at:
Thanks everyone and have a great April. My twins will be turning 7 on the 7th so this month is a special one at my house. ^_^

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