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Carnal Machines-edited by DL King (review by Beth)

Steampunk is gaining a lot of visibility lately. It’s a hot genre right now and seems to be popping up in a lot of places, as both book releases and calls for submissions. I have to admit a bit of ignorance on this front though because I have never read nor written any Steampunk. I think one of the main reasons for that is because I rarely, if ever, write straight m/f pairings, and though the idea of combining Victorian technology with somewhat contemporary settings, a dash of sci-fi flare and scalding hot sex intrigues me, most of what I have seen is strictly in the male/female realm or lacks any real spice and alternative lifestyle content. So up until now I have bypassed the Steampunk phenomenon completely. Not anymore though.

When I saw the release info for Carnal Machines I knew I’d find at least one or two stories that would tantalize my kinky taste buds. DL King is known for putting together high quality anthologies and her willingness to include alternative pairings and content is one of the reasons I follow her work. I wasn’t disappointed. So join me on my virgin journey into the world of Steampunk and a book filled with diversity in every way imaginable.

As with most anthologies some stories will really grab you and others may not. I’m going to highlight just a bit of each story and then urge you to pick up the book and find your own favorites.

The first story in the book really caught my attention. Human Powered, by Teresa Noelle Roberts. I love a strong female character that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. It’s a storyline we don’t normally see in m/f stories, but Teresa definitely delivered it in this one. I laughed out loud at some of the one liners in this piece. Teresa has a wonderful sense of humor and isn’t afraid to use it to get her character’s points across. Her main female character Claire is witty and strong-willed and determined to make her invention a success. She isn’t afraid to ask for help but she definitely isn’t the type to stand back and let a man take over either. The sex in the end is hotter than hell too. DL King picked a perfect story to kick things off. If the wedding package the two scientific geniuses plan to create ever becomes available in real life I will be first in line at the justice of the peace just to get one.

In The Servant Question, Janine Ashbless gives us a wonderfully sordid tale of a inventor who is willing to do anything to please his clients in order to achieve higher social status. He gets quite a surprise when he answers a desperate plea for help and discovers what type of chores his tireless housemaid is really being used for.

Renee Michaels presents, Sleight of Hand. A criminal reuniting of two wayward scientists in love and in lust.

For the Femdom enthusiasts we get Poe Von Page’s, Mutiny on the Danika Blue.

For those of us with decidedly kinkier tastes Kannan Feng gives us a wicked little tale of bisexuality and voyeurism in Deviant Devices.

Jay Lawrence shows us that The Perfect Girl isn’t always so perfect.

The medical fetishists among us will thoroughly enjoy Delilah Devlin’s, Dr. Mullaley’s Cure. If visiting the doctor was that enjoyable none of us would complain about the bills. I also find virgin stories especially delightful and Delilah’s Nurse Percy is an adorable mix of curious and naive mixed together.

The surprising, somewhat trans slant Lisabet Sarai entertains us with in, Her Own Devices, was definitely a highlight of the book.

As always Kathleen Bradean delivers high quality smut and some kick ass female domination in Lair of the Red Countess. I’m not normally a femdom fan but this one got me hot and bothered.

The Infernal Machine by Elias A. St. James captured my attention from the beginning with the sexual innuendo of the opening paragraph.
It is also the only m/m story in the book and i love well written gay erotica. If one sexy man is good then two together is most definitely better!

Doctor Watson Makes a House Call for Essemoh Teepee and this time Sherlock Holmes is neither wanted nor needed. Dr. Watson performs just fine on his own.

The Treatment by DL King is a naughty little story of two gentlemen and their tea time encounter with the domineering Miss Li. Electrical engineering takes on a whole new meaning. Now I know how i want to light up my own house. Screw the electric company.

Lucifer Einstein and the Curious Case of the Carnal Contraption by Tracey Shellito is a title reminiscent of a Nancy Drew mystery only, to my knowledge, Nancy never went in search of suddenly appearing sex toys. The interviews Luci and her partner engage in are both entertaining and arousing and laced with an underlying humor only a great author can pull off. Every morning I check my front porch in hopes of receiving my own mystery package.

The final tale in the book is Elizabeth Schechter’s, The Succubus. A wonderful way to end an action packed anthology full of carnal delight. The combination of Victorian debauchery with a decidedly BDSM slant topped things off nicely. ^_^

For steampunk fans both new and old this is one book you should add to your TBR pile asap.



4 Responses to “Carnal Machines-edited by DL King (review by Beth)”

  1. Thanks Beth, so glad you liked it!

  2. “wonderfully sordid”

    I love it! Thank you Beth!

    • LOL The term just fit the story and I want to be first on the list for a prototype please. When you have my tireless maid ready just let me know. i want her programmed the way the one in the story is. ^_^

  3. Hi, Beth,

    Thanks for your kind words! Every antho that D.L. King has done has really rocked!

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