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Working out issues through erotica. Spank!

I’m a writer so when I get irritated or distressed over something I tend to work my feelings out in a story. Occassionally the angst and drama will take on a life of it’s own and that’s when the characters really start speaking to me.
Lynette and Trisha spoke to me like that and the process of writing my story for Spank! was like getting caught up in a tornado.
I was irritated with something i overheard while shopping and decided to come home and work it out on my computer. I’m so happy that DL King picked my story to be in Spank! Now available from Logical Lust Publishing. Here’s a little excerpt and if you despise discrimination then this is one story that will make you smile, plus get you hot.

I unbuttoned my cuffs and rolled up my sleeves. “What’s your safe word?”
I smiled, it seemed oddly appropriate based on the days events. “That works for me.” I sat down on the couch and patted my lap. “Come on over here sexy and let’s get this show on the road.
She crawled to me on her hands and knees and I almost fainted. I’d never seen anything so hot in my life.
She paused for just a moment before lying face down across my thighs, presenting me with a view of her backside. The outfit was completely crotchless. “Holy hell! Where in the world did you buy this? If it’s a local store we have to go there again soon.” I ran my hand down the back of the bodysuit, letting my fingers linger to caress her ass. “I’ve dreamed of you like this.”
She looked at me over her shoulder. “You have?”
“Oh yes. Now be a good little girl and be quiet while I have my way with you.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
I smiled at her use of a formal title. “Very nice.” I patted one cheek gently and then the other. “Now we should start off easy. Just a little introduction.” I patted her left cheek a bit firmer. “It doesn’t have to hurt. The point is to get you to a place where everything is amplified. To make what would normally cause pain feel good. A good domme knows what turns her partner on and uses that until she can’t tell where the pain stops and the pleasure begins. It’s a delicate balance.” I smacked her rump for emphasis. “I’m going to enjoy walking that fine line with you.”
I drew back and laid the first slap down with the palm of my hand, still taking it easy. I went on that like for a few minutes, alternating sides and the strength of my blows until Lynette was squirming against me. The feel of my hand on her ass and her breasts rubbing against my legs was sheer heaven. Blushing the prettiest pink against her naturally tan color, her ass started to lift into my thrusts. Her skin grew warmer against my hand with each extra whack, and though I’d gotten a bit rougher than I’d intended, she didn’t seem to be feeling any pain. If anything she was actually enjoying our session.
She slid one leg out a bit, giving me a glimpse between her thighs as she tried to ride my leg. I gave her a serious spanking this time for her disobedience. She just moaned and thrust against me harder. I laid down a series of spankings that had her ass turning a gorgeous cherry color. “You’ll come when I say you can come.”

Now doesn’t thank make you want a spanking too? ^_^ Get your copy of Spank! today in either ebook or print at:


One Response to “Working out issues through erotica. Spank!”

  1. Wow, I had no idea the impetus for the story came from a real-life occurrence. You’ll have to tell me the story one day. i’m so happy you sent your story to me!

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