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The Midnight Hunt – LL Raand/Radclyffe – A review

So it’s no secret that I enjoy paranormal stories. Toss in some yummy erotic scenes and that is even better. Now add in the new pen name of one of my favorites and you’ve got a recipe for success. Or do you?

Radclyffe, writing as LL Raand, gives us, The Midnight Hunt. The first in what I hope will be a series. Now it’s a recipe that’s been done time and time again so I admit I opened the book with equal parts excitement and trepidation. You’ve got vamps and weres and other supernatural creatures with lusty sexual appetites fighting for survival of the fittest. What can possibly be done that hasn’t been done before? Apparently a whole lot.

We get a strong female Alpha, lots of drama and turmoil, a true sense of pack as a family, HOT love scenes and an ending that brings things to a close while leaving plenty of room for more. The world building is fabulous. We have background and history and new twists on everything from the fact that a strong woman can lead the pack to the detail that being an openly homosexual supernatual being is okay too. (I guess I’ve been indulging my love of paranormal in too many straight and narrow bookstores. I need to do more online book shopping. )

In fact it felt totally normal for two women to mate and I loved the requirements and steps for mating and breeding that Radclyffe, opps sorry, Raand has invented. We even get a tiny sneak peek at the end at book two in the series. Be sure to have some asbestos gloves on hand or turn the air conditioning on high. I mean it when i say HOT sex scenes. The lust and attraction between the two main characters is practically explosive. My only complaint?

Just that the book didn’t come with a Drake of my own. Umm, I want one really bad! Whaaaaa.

You’ll see what I mean when you read it. Another great story to add to Radclyffe’s impressive backlist. But don’t take my word for it. Get your copy here:

Beth Wylde


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