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Show your Pride! promo opp and reading opp. Authors, readers, reviewers, publishers, etc…

I’ve got two big things to tell you about today and I hope to get a ton of emails after this.

First is PRIDE month on my yahoo group. Last year was the first time hosting a month long Pride event and it was so well received I’m doing it again. If you are an author, publisher, reviewer, etc.. of GLBTQ themed stories I want to chat with you. Individual authors or groups of authors, reviewer groups, publishers, all of these are encouraged. Book a day in June to take over my yahoo group and show your Pride. Tell us about all your amazing GLBTQ themed stories and where we can get them. Do you have submission calls open for already published or aspiring authors in the GLBTQ field? Come tell us about that too. I plan to fill every day in June with a chat. The only thing I ask is that if you book a day be to promote it and offer up at least one contest during your event. Let’s bring in those readers that are craving their GLBTQ fix.
For a date email me at
You can join the yahoo group at :

Next – reading opportunity. (Do you write hot erotica? Want to do a reading and signing and sell some books at a local BDSM club. Are you in VA or NC? Then email me and let’s set this up. I have a local club that would like to host an erotica social. I’d like to get at least 10 local authors to bring their books with them and be prepared to read from their hottest stories. Directly after the social is a play party if you would like to stick around. For more details about this email me
The club is located in Between Brown Summit and Greensboro NC.

Thanks everyone. I’m looking forward to an amazing and active summer.
Erotica Unrestricted by Genre or Pairing
2010 GCLS finalist in lesbian erotica


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