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Playing with your food-The 3rd day of love blog

Your mom always told you not to play with your food. Where’s the fun in that? Today I’m blogger number three for the MSA author’s 12 days of love celebration and I’m speaking to all the foodies out in cyberspace.

We’re celebrating the 12 days that lead up to Valentine’s day and today is my turn to get sexy. I thought I’d talk about two of my favorite subjects. Food and sex. You probably don’t think of these two things together but I often do. It’s no secret to my close frineds that I like to eat. The worse the food is for me the more I probably like it. I’m a total sugar whore too. Dessert should be served with every meal. But let’s take a moment to consider how much fun and how often eating and sex are put together, maybe you don’t even realize it. Romantic dates often start with a great dinner and hopefully end up with you and your partner doing something highly energetic in a horizontal position to work off all those calories, but why do they have to be done seperate? Why not bring the yummy stuff to bed with you and stir things up a bit?
It’s times like this that you may want to invest in some rubber sheets. LOL
Start with the oldies but goodies. Whipped cream, chocolate, strawberries, champagne. Put it on each other and then eat it off. With all the energy you’ll be expending it makes dessert guilt free. Get creative then get naughty. It’s all about fun, especially as Valentine’s day approaches. Yum!

Don’t forget to join the MSA authors on February 13th from 10 am – 10 pm for a huge all day chat bash. Prizes will be given away every hour on the hour. We’ll post excerpts, answer questions, yummy recipes, jokes. It’s going to be fun for all. Get in on the bash at:

Hope to see you all there. I’ll be offering up some special prizes for readers who post and take part in the chat.

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2 Responses to “Playing with your food-The 3rd day of love blog”

  1. Oh Beth you know the truth lol food and sex go hand and hand nothing sexier then eating off of the person you want to get hot and sweaty withs body

  2. I’m looking forward to the chat fest! See you then!

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