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recap of the June author and publisher spotlights

June 2009 Publisher Spotlight

Loose Id

What is Loose Id?

Loose \’lüs\, adjective – 1. not rigidly fastened or securely attached; having relative freedom of movement. 2. free from a state of confinement, restraint, or obligation. 3. lacking in restraint or power of restraint; lacking in moral restraint. Synonyms: unleashed, unfettered, unbound, unfree.

Id \’id\, noun – the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives — compare ego, superego. Synonyms: subconscious mind, lizard brain.

Loose Id \’lüs id\, noun – 1. an unfettered unconscious mind; 2. a publisher of electronic and print romances that unleash your fantasies by striding to the edge of the abyss and taking the plunge. Synonyms: There are no known equivalents, only imitations.

Loose Id takes romance to the edge: the edge of the genre, the edge of convention, the edge of the abyss. And then we throw it right on in. A Loose Id romance is deliberately, specifically, and insistently erotic. It ought to make you blush and squirm in your seat, while keeping you turning pages because you have to find out what happens next.

Visit Loose ID Today!

June 2009 Author Spotlight
Bryn Colvin

Although Bryn Colvin has written a fair few of these autobiography things now, she never finds it easy and gets the terrible urge to submit random things. ‘Brynneth makes jam and has an unhealthy fondness for tentacles.’

As a writer of erotica in various forms, Bryn has a lot of work published at where she also looks after the His and His Kisses line. She blogs all over the place but would particularly like to draw your attention to whose contributors are all pagan. Being a druid, Bryn feels quite at home there. With her druid hat on (crushed velvet, slightly stained) she volunteers for which includes doing book reviews. In other parts of her life, she runs a folk club, plays violin, viola and bouzouki, sings, busks and trails round after her favourite musicians. You can find her music here

When Bryn started writing, her Mistress Nimue alter-ego was supposed to be secret, and for the serious kink. It hasn’t quite worked that way, due to lack of planning, and realising she doesn’t mind people knowing how weird and deviant she can be. Nimue is in fact her middle name (which may be why she seems to attract grumpy old wizard types!).

Where writing is concerned, Bryn’s main aim is not to get bored, so she does what she likes rather than worrying too much about what may be commercial. It results in unpredictable stories, and much experimenting with style, rather than any notion of being a ‘brand’. Her work ranges across novels, short stories, poetry, songs, and graphic novel scripts. She’s even dabbled in writing guided meditations for the Druid Network podcast. Her erotic tales involve all kinds of combinations, one or more persons, or entities… She likes variety, paranormal and magical stuff, history, and thinking about what makes people tick. Some of her work tends towards gothic angst, but she frequently gets the urge to do fluffy and happily ever after too. Currently she’s writing a lot of pirate comedy, and exploring historical settings. She has two paperbacks available through Amazon – ‘Late Night Sessions’ and ‘The Shifting Heart’ and is also in lots of anthologies. Influences include Neil Gaiman, George Eliot, Isabelle Allende, Robert Holdstock and rather a lot of folklore!

Aside from that, Bryn drinks too much coffee, gazes out of the window a lot, plants trees, reads omnivorously and daydreams. She takes her research very seriously, but seldom publically discloses which bits she researched in person! Her favourite colour is black and she likes cheese and beer but not necessarily at the same time. When she was a child, she wanted to be Batman but at time of writing, she wants, more than anything else, to be asleep. Unfortunately, some of the local wildlife has decided she needs to be awake at 5am and keeps serenading her. Currently she lives in the middle of England with her husband and son, one cat, a dozen pookas and an invisible dog.

Follow Bryn online:

On Facebook as Brynneth N Colvin


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