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The deadline for the “Name my next book” contest ended December 15th. I got over 200 entries. Tonight my publisher and i finally picked a winner. Congratulations to Lindsay Henry for her winning suggestion of… Wylde About Her.

The new collection will be out in May from Desert Palm Press.

Lindsay gets..

An advanced signed copy of the collection, a personalized dedication in the book and a $20 Amazon gift certificate.

Thank you everyone. I got some truly amazing entries. Look for the cover art reveal for the collection very soon.



Tonight at midnight the contest to name my new collection that is due out in May ends so get those title ideas to me asap at
You must use the word Wylde in the title somewhere.
The winner gets an advanced autographed copy of the book, a dedication in the collection and a $20 amazon gift certificate.
Show me how Wylde you can get. ^_^


Yes that’s an oxymoron if there ever was one. There is nothing good about waking up with a migraine headache. I know when I wake up and the headache that I went to bed with is still there it’s going to be one of those that haunts me all day with no relief in sight. Yuck. It makes everything from the neck up hurt and the only thing that will make it go away is to find a comfortable dark quiet place and try to go to sleep. That’s like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m not sure such a place even exists. So I’m sucking down coffee and some nice meds the Dr. gave me and hoping my brain will see fit to hold off on turning into mush long enough for me to get this last set of edits done so I can ship my manuscript off to my publisher. Caffeine do your work. Have a great Tuesday everyone. It’s rainy and cold and dismal, kind of like my mood this morning. Ewww.




It’s official, I have signed a contract with Desert Palm Press to publish my newest collection of lesbian erotica. Now I need your help. I have to come up with a title. I’ve got ideas but nothing that has really excited me so I’m turning to you for inspiration. There’s only one guideline. The title has to use my last name in it (Wylde) That’s it. Simple right?

Women Gone Wylde was the title of my first collection and i want to continue the trend by using my name. Here’s the contest details and a list of what the winner gets.

Starting today November 21st and running through December 15th at midnight Eastern time I am accepting submissions for title ideas for my newest lesbian erotica collection to be published in May of 2015 by DPP.

You must use the word Wylde somewhere in the title. Send me your ideas, as many as you would like, and I’ll announce the winner after the deadline in December. Email your suggestions to and feel free to spread the word about the contest to anyone you think might be interested.

The winner gets an autographed advanced copy of the book, plus a dedication inside for picking the winning title, and a $20 Amazon gift certificate.

Send me those ideas!!!! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Be sure to include your email so I can notify the winner and get your information for the dedication, gift certificate and advanced signed copy.




Sometimes people can say or do things to hurt others. Sometimes what you do  or say to someone is more then a simple apology can fix, and sometimes the wrong cuts so deep it leaves a permanent scar on our psyche. I have one of those scars today and I’m not sure it will ever completely heal. A lot of you know I am in the midst of a separation. I vowed to always put the kid’s needs before mine and I am determined to do just that, but right at this moment I’m too numb to do much of anything.

It’s amazing looking back how much pain I endured during the relationship. Years of mental and verbal abuse that I thought was normal, but today’s revelation put all the past hurts to shame. Today cut me deeper then I have ever been cut before. A wound so deep I’m not sure I’ll ever recover. It’s something no stitches or band aid can heal and I’m not sure time can either. My soul has been ripped out and stomped on, like so much useless garbage.

Some people in this world are truly evil. Some people have no conscience or remorse or emotion. They don’t care who they have to step on along the way or who they have to hurt to get what they want. They are cold hearted, soul less beings, swimming like sharks in the water and always in search of blood.

It’s hard to be optimistic on a day like today.



I’ve got two big boxes full of books left over from my recent show in Maryland/DC and i wanted to do a big clearance sale but I wanted to do something special too.

I found out something about a friend today and instantly decided to do a donation to Susan G Komen for the cure fund. So from now until November 1st, $2 of every print book purchased from me will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. I’ll gladly autograph or write an inscription on any of the books you purchase too.

Books will be $12 each, that is a huge discount, but you do have to cover shipping. I can do priority or media mail in the US (media mail is much cheaper though slower and not trackable) Just FYI.

I have the following books left. Next to the title is the number of copies I have and a quick note of what genre or pairing if I can. Once those are gone that is it for now. You can email me at to order or to ask any questions. ^_^ My amazon page at:  has descriptions of most of the books except for the ones listed as out of print.


Forbidden Fruit – f/f erotica – 6 copies

Sapphic Planet – f/f erotica – 8 copies

Women Gone Wylde – f/f erotica (all by Beth)  – 3 copies

Girls Who Score – f/f erotica sports theme – 5 copies

The Harder She Comes – f/f erotica with a butch/femme theme – 3 copies

She Who Must Be Obeyed – f/f erotica with a dominant theme – 6 copies

Coming Together: Girl on Girl – f/f erotica charity anthology – 6 copies

Sapphistocated – f/f erotica – 4 authors/4 novella length stories – 3 copies (OUT OF PRINT)

Pay for Play – m/m erotica – 9 copies

Swing! – bi erotica with a swinging theme – 5 copies

Spank! – erotica with a spanking theme – 5 copies

Broadly Bound – 4 author antho, GLBT BDSM – 2 copies

Bound With a Bow – sequel to Broadly Bound – 5 author GLBT BDSM anthology (OUT OF PRINT) – 3 copies


If you want any of these autographed copies, now is the time to buy them at a great low price and to support Breast Cancer Research. (Signed books make a great gift and Christmas is right around the corner!!!)

Thanks everyone!!




Sometimes when you feel like you are finally getting ahead of the game life comes along and smacks you upside the head with a big ol’ paw and sends you back a week.

I went to the flea market over the weekend. The yard sale two weeks ago did well but I still had a lot of stuff and where I moved to you are restricted to a maximum of two yard sales per year. (Crazy ain’t it. If you have more then 2 a year they want you to get a business license because they consider it a business)

So I went to the flea market to unload all the kids stuff left over and while I was packing up for the day a yellow jacket was on my shirt and when I put my arm down i crushed him up against me and he stung the hell out of me. I am severely allergic so I carry large amounts of Benedryl with me wherever I go. I ran to my van and popped one right away. 5 minutes later I took another because my lips, face, arm and neck were swelling. I went straight home, got violently ill and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up covered in a rash and swelling again so I took Benedryl through out the day and stayed in bed with compresses on my hugely swollen arm. By Monday I had this dark red bullseye looking mark from my wrist to my elbow, my arm was almost twice the regular size and it hurt like crazy so I broke down and went to see my doctor. I had developed cellulitis so he decided oral steroids might not work quick enough they should give me a shot plus put me on antibiotics and oral steroids for two weeks. I had the shot (in the hip and painful) but I felt find so I paid my bill and left. Made it to the car where the hot flash hit me. Then i got nauseous, lightheaded and weird feeling. I went back in, flagged down a nurse and promptly passed right out. I came back with no feeling in my face arms or legs, having jerky movements all over while two doctors and three nurses tried to figure out what the hell was going on. This lasted about 30 minutes until all the seizure like motions and muscle jerking totally stopped and i could feel things again. Needless to say the Dr told me I had a horrible reaction to the steroids, not to fill the steroid prescription and make sure i never let anyone give me steroids again. I spent yesterday in bed still feeling yucky but today my arm looks much better. I think I am finally over the lingering effects of the shot and I’m ready to get back to work on things. I’ll post that list of books for sale later on today. Sorry life derailed me.

I have a Christmas story due this weekend so I’m off to work on that first and then some laundry and house cleaning for my mom. Whew.




I’m back from my trip. I actually got back at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning but I slept most of the day away after I got in. I was exhausted. The drive is long and setting up for any type of event is always tiring. Then there was a get together Friday night which kept me out late and we got up early Saturday morning for the all day vending portion of the con. By the time Saturday evening rolled around I think most of us were too tired to attend any night time con parties. DL King and I went out for dinner (We found this sub and pizza place with the BEST FRIES I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE!!!) Then we found a huge Krispy Kreme store. There are no donut places at all in my back woods town so I HAD to go in and get some to take back home with me. I mean there was no doubt about it right? LOL They had a special going on where if you bought a dozen mixed specialty donuts you got 2 dollars off a glazed dozen. I walked out with two dozen donuts and there are none left at all now. I know i ate half a dozen on the drive home. The sugar rush kept me awake. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL) And the kids devoured the rest along with me over the next day or so.

Sales were down a bit this year. I wonder if it had to do with the event being over a holiday weekend. Traffic was awful both ways and there were a ton of other events going on at the same time.

Anyway, I have a LOT of books left over and I’d like to clear out some of my overstock so I’m going to do the big print book sale one more time. These books are normally between $15 to $18 dollars each and I am selling print copies for $12 each right now until they are all gone. I will happily autograph  copies too. (Signed books make great gifts! 🙂

I’m going to go through what I have and post a list here tomorrow of what and how many I have of each title. When those are gone that’s it and a few of these titles are out of print so there won’t be any reordering of those. If you want something once you see the list just email me personally at

I’ll be back tomorrow with the list. I’m going to try to finish up a short erotic Christmas story I’ve been working on for an open sub call that ends next week. Wish me luck.



I leave on my trip to Maryland tomorrow and as usual I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. My last box of books I ordered just arrived. I was beginning to panic that they wouldn’t get here on time. I nearly attacked the UPS man when he pulled into the driveway this evening because I was so happy to see him. LOL

Now I have the van packed and ready to go. I had to have it serviced today too and then pay to have everything wrong with it fixed. Tires rotated, new rear brakes, tie rod end, oil change, etc… Stuff like this always happens to me when I get ready to take a trip out of town. It never fails. I call it my trip curse.One of the kids seems to have come down with a bug too. Ahhh good times. 😦

Anyway, I have my books and swag packed. (I have some great goodies to hand out Saturday) Now once I get the kids through with their homework and a huge project they each have due tomorrow and their baths and get them fed supper and into bed, I can pack my clothes and other necessities and then settle down for some much needed rest. I’m leaving as soon as I drop the kids off to school in the morning so i can take my time getting there and maybe browse and window shop some on the way. I also need to find some elements for the kids for their Halloween costumes and maybe a cute costume for me.

I hope to see some of you at the Maryland event. I’m fully stocked on books. For those of you that can’t make it whatever books are left over will be for sale on discount when i get home. I’m trying to make sure I have everything packed. I hate last minute stuff.



It’s been a rough few days. The separation papers have officially been signed so I withdrew back into my cave to hide out for a bit. I licked my wounds and had a bit of a pity party but I’m stopping that right now! It isn’t helpful for anyone, me or the kids.

Now I’m focusing ahead. I’ll be in Maryland this Saturday, Oct. 11th with DL King signing and selling books. For more info on the where and times just email me at  This trip couldn’t come at a better time. I need a few days away and it’s also a chance to make some money. It’s like a fun/business trip and DL always makes me smile. To get an idea of some of the books we’ll probably on hand you can visit our amazon pages. Mine is at:

Beth Wylde amazon –

DL King amazon –

For those in the Maryland/DC area this is a great chance to buy some top notch erotica and have the books personally signed.

I’m going to do some shopping on my way there and back too. It’s Halloween costume time and me and my kids haven’t found anything here in our little backwoods town that we like or we can fit into. I’m hoping the big city will yield better results. Have a great day everyone. I’m off to the grocery store. I’m making tacos for the kids tonight for dinner. ^_^